SASLab is an IT services & Software Engineering company

We are passionate about innovation, new technologies and service excellence that empower both our clients and collaborators

About us

Our vision :

Share and develop our expertise and knowledge with our clients, and collaborators. We focus on providing services based on our core values of commitment, constant pursuit of excellence and dedication to service.

Our mission:

Our mission is to provide solutions adapted to the needs of our clients through digital transformation of the different activities and processes.

Our values :

  • Design and develop innovative solutions adapted to the need of our clients.
  • we strive to provide a second-to-none experience for our customers and create an inspiring workplace for our employees to thrive in.
  • Total commitment to our clients.

Our Competencies

Web application and Software development and engineering

We support you throughout the software life cycle from the identification of the needs to the software maintenance.

Whatever the objective, web application, mobile or desktop application, our expertise covers:

  • Optimization of the business process.
  • System design/development considering scalability.
  • Availability of our teams.


Software maintenance

Software and web application maintenance is a critical part of the software development lifecycle which includes optimization, error correction, deletion of discarded features and enhancement of existing features.Thus, our teams offer our “application maintenance” services for web, mobile and desktop applications.

SASLab, therefore, offers you three types of maintenance:

  • Corrective maintenance (critical error and bugs deletion).
  • Perfective Maintenance (improve the user experience through functional enhancements)
  • Adaptive maintenance (upgrade of version and technologies).

maintenance of IT solutions

R&D, technical consulting and support

Our support, consultant and expert teams can help you in optimizing and developping innovative solutions and information systems. Thtough our services, you can achieve your development/digitalization goals thanks to a reliable and scalable IT infrastructure.

Our R&D and consulting services covers:

  • Support to select appropriate system architecture and technologies.
  • Customized solutions and support.
  • Solutions based on artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques (chatbot, computer vision, automatic language processing, etc.).

Our solutions

Our teams can support companies in their digital projects by relying on our experience and expertise in the field of digitalization of processes and activities based on recent technologies.

Solutions dedicated to the e-tourism sector

Property Management System (PMS), Point of Sale(POS)

Solutions dedicated to industries

ERP, industry 4.0 solutions, IoT and digital transformation.

Buisiness Intelligence and data science

Data analaysis and analytics, PowerBI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Our technologies

PHP - Langage de programmation
Angular - un framework de développement côté client
Symfony - un framework PHP open source avec une architecture MVC
AI -  Intelligence Artificielle
Flask - un micro framework open-source de développement web en Python
Spring Boot - un framework de développement
Docker -  une plateforme permet de lancer des applications dans des conteneurs logiciels
DevOPS - un mouvement en ingénierie informatique
IOT - Internet of Things



Siège sociale : Immeuble CTAMA, Zaghouan, 1100

Bureau Hammamet : Campus universitaire Mrezgua, Hammamet, 8050


(+216) 27 000 673